About the ARTiST

Eric Reyes is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Chicago. He studied Illustration at Columbia College Chicago.  

Eric was born and raised in Waukegan, Illinois, a north suburb of Chicago. Eric's journey into art began when his older brother gave him drawing lessons at age four. This along with a chance purchase of a bootleg Spider-Man color-in comic at age five was enough to instill  dreams of being a professional artist from a very young age. 

Eric left Waukegan at age eighteen to study illustration and graphic design at Columbia College Chicago. Since then he has been published in various publications in the Chicago area, and started his own comic publication, Snake Church™, as well as working with Javier Suarez on the comics and fashion imprint Lowkey Label. These days Eric uses a variety of mediums in his work and can create in a variety of styles, while maintaining the same distinct personality in all his work.